Professional dancer, choreographer, dancesport coach and dance judge Matevž Česen was awarded the Bloudek plaquette for his contribution to the development of Slovenian sport.


I accept the Bloudek plaquette with respect and great emotion, as it is the highest national recognition in the field of sport. I am truly honoured, and even more surprised, that I am the first dancesport coach to have received this award. The fact is that all of us who work in dance have to work that much harder to prove ourselves and to bring dance to such a high level. I am honoured that I can be in this company of other top-level athletes, Olympians and sport workers, who are renowned in sport at world level. Perhaps it is just these characteristics of Stane Bloudek, such as respect, loyalty and passion, that led me here. But I would also like to emphasise perseverance: the perseverance that keeps you going when it seems like you can’t go any further, the perseverance that keeps you going when you’re totally exhausted, the perseverance that keeps you going when there is no way forward, the perseverance that makes you get up when you fall. A big thank you to Bolero dance club and our dancers, I couldn’t have done it without them, and thank you to my three girls, my family, who support me and root for me, are there for me and celebrate every achievement with me. Thank you, Mum and Dad, for encouraging me on my dance journey for the past 30 years.


Eleven Bloudek plaquettes were awarded at the ceremony. Awardees for significant competitive achievements in sport were: judoist Klara Apotekar, sport climber Mia Krampl, snowboarder Tim Mastnak, paraglider Jošt Napret and the duo Katja Višnar and Anamarija Lampič. The plaquette was also awarded to the Slovenian youth national basketball team. The Bloudek plaquette awardees for their important contribution to the development of Slovenian sport are: professional dancer, choreographer, dancesport coach and dance judge Matevž Česen; coach of multiple generations of Slovenian volleyballers Gregor Hribar and the internationally renowned figure skating and speed skating sport worker Ivan Pfeifer. For their life's work in sport the recepients of Bloudek plaquettes are figure skating coach Marina Pirkmajer and the president of the sport commission for the Slovenian minority in neighbouring countries at the NOC Slovenia  Sonja Poljšak. 


The ceremonial speaker at the event was Jernej Pikalo, Minister of Education, Science and Sport, who congratulated the winners, lauded the outstanding achievements of Slovenian sportspeople and also mentioned the exceptional work of the Bloudek award committee, which has an especially tough job every year. He also acknowledged the work of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport team, which does an exacting and thorough job organising each years Bloudek award ceremony.

Our sincere congratulations go to all Bloudek award recepients.


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