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Are you organising an event, dance competition, end of year production, valedictory dance… and don't have sound equipment?
We can help. You will be very satisfied with our professional NEXO sound system.


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Mega package – suitable for larger halls

4x speakers (specifications below)
2x subwoofer (specifications below)
1x amplifier (specifications below)
cables, technician

Travel expenses are included in the price for locations within a 30 km distance from Ljubljana.

Price: 450,00 EUR

Mini package – suitable for smaller halls

2x speakers (specifications below)
2x subwoofer (specifications below)
1x amplifier (specifications below)
cables, technician

Travel expenses are included in the price for locations within a 30 km distance from Ljubljana.

Price: 350,00 EUR


Sound equipment specifications


LS 600

Manufacturer: Nexo


The subwoofer extends the usable range of the PS10 R2 loudspeaker to 38Hz providing 138dB of sound pressure in an extremely compact, lightweight cabinet.


The PS10 TDController is an integral part of the (PS10 R2 and LS600) system, which provides a cost-effective and simple sound system solution. The LS600 subwoofer is typically set up in conjunction with two PS10 R2 speakers. An additional LS 600 subwoofer can be added to the system to achieve improved sound at low frequencies.


Technical specifications

  • High-power system with 15” VLF subwoofer
  • 138dB Peak SPL @ 1m
  • Frequency range 38 Hz - 120Hz
  • Impedance 8Ω
  • • Dimensions 435 x 688 x 528 mm
  • • Weight (30kg, 66lbs)


PS10 R2

Manufacturer: Nexo




The new PS10 R2 Loudspeaker can be safely driven with up to 1250 watts per channel despite being only half the weight of common trapezoidal loudspeaker cabinets. The sound dispersion, shape of the speaker and weight distribution within the speaker make the PS10 R2 a versatile cabinet that can be used as both a PA speaker and a monitor speaker.


Versatility is ensured by specially developed rotatable horn tweeters. The horizontal dispersion of the unit is between 50°–100° while the vertical dispersion is 55°. The PS10 R2 2-way, 8-ohm speaker is designed to use only one channel on the amplifier, offering bi-amp quality for a lower price while also taking up less space and being easier to use.


Technical specifications

  • High-power system with 10” LF and rotatable asymmetrical 1” HF unit
  • 132dB Peak SPL @ 1m
  • • Frequency range 58 Hz - 20kHz (38Hz-20kHz z LS600 SUB)
  • • Impedance 8Ω
  • • Dimensions 515 x 316 x 277 mm
  • • Weight (14kg, 31lbs)


These are passive speakers!

An audio amplifier is necessary for the speakers to function, as in this case one is not built into the speaker. In comparison with active speakers, their advantage is lower weight and the possibility of using an amplifier of your choice.





Manufacturer: Nexo


NXAMP 4X1 and 4X4 amplifiers with TDController have an innovative design, which will guarantee simple integration and a cost-effective solution for the user. The innovative element of the NXAMP amplifier is the integrated TD controller, which uses complex program algorithms to ensure the optimal function of all speakers in the system. Precise circuits developed specially for NEXO speakers allow greater sound pressure levels and operational reliability. The DSP is compatible with GEO, PS series, AlphaE and Alpha systems. Through the processor it is possible to set the interchannel level, delay and EQ array.


Technical specifications

  • Output power (8Ω) 4 x 600W
  • Output power (4Ω) 4 x 900W
  • Output power (2Ω) 4 x 1.300W
  • 4x balanced analogue inputs on XLR
  • Frequency response ±0.5dB from 10Hz to 20KHz
  • Power supply 220 ~ 240Volts
  • Dimensions 3U 19” globina - 457 mm (18”)
  • Weight - 16.5kg


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